Grades 4 – 6: Unit 2 Chain of Change

Harriet Beecher Stowe was an inspiration to many because she wanted to argue that slavery was wrong.  Through writing her most famous novel, Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Stowe wanted to change people’s thoughts and attitudes about the institution of slavery.  What do you want to change in your world today?


Using two colors of construction paper, students create a chain with one color representing issues they’d like to change and the other color representing the actions they would take to create the change.


Paper and pencils to write down ideas

Construction paper (2 colors, cut in strips)


Glue or tape


In small groups, brainstorm a list of important social issues that you want to change.  Write down an issue on a strip of paper and glue or tape in a circle to make a single link.  Now discuss the action you would take to create change with the issue.  For instance, if the issue was bullying in your school, your action might be to report the student to an adult, or to not participate in gossip.  Write down your action steps on the other color strip of construction paper and connect the paper to the link with your issue.  Continue until you’ve run out of ideas, or feel like you’ve successfully come up with a plan of action to create change.


About stowestudents

Harriet Beecher Stowe's (1811-1896) best-selling anti-slavery novel Uncle Tom's Cabin (1852), made her the most famous American woman of the 19th century and galvanized the abolition movement before the Civil War. The Stowe Center is a 21st-century museum and program center using Stowe's story to inspire social justice and positive change.

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